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Mausoleum of the Amantes

The current Mausoleum of the Amantes was inaugurated in September of 2005. The building, designed by the architect Alejandro Ca帽ada, offers numerous exposition halls whose goal is to offer more insight into the history of the Amantes.

From a conceptual point of view, there are four existing sections of the exposition:

SECTOR I. El Amor en tiempos dif铆ciles / Love in Times of Difficulty. We explain the social characteristics, politics and culture concerning the events surrounding Teruel at the beginning of the 13th century.

SECTOR II. La Historia de los Amantes / The History of the Amantes. It is important to expose the events which occurred in 1217, Teruel, between Juan Martinez de Marcilla and Isabel de Segura. We also touch on the historical debate that this relationship created over the centuries.

SECTOR III. Los Amantes, fuente de inspiraci贸n / The Amantes: a source of inspiration. This area was designed in order to explain the influence of the Amantes in the world of the arts (literature, theatre, music, painting and sculpture) over time.

SECTOR IV. El Reposo de los Amantes / The Resting Place of the Amantes. Here you will find the Mausoleum of the Amantes, a work attributed to the sculptor Juan de Avalos. Across a series of panels, you will appreciate the discovery of the two mummies and the very location, meaning and purpose that the Mausoleum has served over the years.

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