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Moorish Art Workshop: Moorish Swarm

Moorish art is the artistic manifestation most characteristic of our city for its abundance as well as its artistic value.

Studying this style can be addressed from various points of view: artistic, historical however in this workshop we discover the closeness of Mathematics to Moorish artwork, and more concretely, the Geometric Plains without setting aside the history and aesthetics.

The objective is not to conduct a theoretical study of Geometry but rather to locate certain geometrical structures within Moorish decoration; an essential starting point from which you can then manipulate and interpret. In this way, we will manage to connect art to other disciplines and value expressively and aesthetically, Geometry.

The workshops are designed for students between 3 and 18 years of age, differentiating content based on their level. While designing the workshop, the school curriculum was taken into account in such a way that they complement the activities that take place inside the schools.

Level: Infant

Through a fun, participatory, and didactic climate, we will start the young ones off with knowledge of the Moorish art, keeping in mind that the base of its design is mathematics, and more specifically, geometry.

To begin, we will work on basic plain geometric forms that appear in our daily context. In a guided manner, the children will identify the plain geometric forms that they know in a series of everyday objects which we call treasure.

After analyzing the design of the Moorish Tower of San Pedro and identifying the plain geometric forms surrounding it, we will build our individual Moorish tower using these forms. In turn, each child will use their materials to build their own tower.

Level: Primary

Keeping into account that the base of the Moorish design is geometry and using a game as a principal introduction to learning, the students will explore and interpret the Moorish art using this branch of mathematics.

A contest between the various groups of questions and answers about Moorish art will strengthen their basic understanding of this artistic manifestation. Each correct response will lead to the identification of one of the geometric forms that appears in the San Pedro Tower. The contest ends when all the forms in the design have been identified within the Tower. In turn, each child will build their own tower using their school materials. .

Level: Secondary

Using teamwork as an effective method of learning, we will tackle the Moorish design from one of its fundamental principles, mathematics (more specifically, geometry).

Through distinct isometric transformations, the students will elaborate on friezes that appear in Moorish art. Afterwards, they will identify these works in the Moorish Towers of Teruel. This strategy allows the students to understand the connection and interaction between Art and Mathematics in this artistic manifestation.

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